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Andreas Huber Management Consulting

Integrated corporate management in a nutshell

Corporate success is the result of targeted, concerted interplay of all areas and organisational units. Only someone who knows the whole picture can turn the right screws. Even the smallest change will often have wide repercussions, and selective optimisation measures can cause a few surprises elsewhere. In the overall picture, however, facts can be reliably evaluated, the right conclusions drawn and responsible measures derived consistent with the strategy and goals of the entrepreneur or management.

Cumulative know-how from one source

ahmc offers businesses everything they need for integral control: a broad range of competences, a holistic view of the key data relevant areas and all-round compatible concepts and solutions programmatic, consistent, customised. How does that show in detail?
Here are a few examples of services and success:

Financial controlling (accounting)

  • Organisation and standardisation of accounting systems
  • Preparation of budgetary accounting, profit and loss account, balance sheet and liquidity planning
  • Set-up of a comprehensive reporting system
  • Establishment of scalable control systems, e.g. cost accounting or benchmarking
  • Determination of savings potential and implementation of cost optimisation
  • Interim management

Human resource management

  • Selection of professional and executive personnel
  • Introduction of performance-based remuneration systems
  • Development of adjustment and outplacement concepts
  • Preparation of continued training programmes
  • Determination and selection of suitable qualification programmes
  • Interim management

Structure, process and quality management

  • Assessment of company structure and workflows with regard to efficiency and effectiveness
  • Preparation of process and job descriptions
  • Identification of optimisation potential
  • Interface harmonisation
  • Concept and implementation of QM systems including audit preparation
  • Selection and implementation of ERP systems

Strategy and change management

  • Demand and potential analyses
  • Development of content and structural planning targets
  • Mapping, for example process visualisation or preparation of strategy cards and balanced scorecard models.
  • Planning, organisation and management of projects
  • Monitoring, evaluation and assessment of results
Further needs are covered by longstanding associates. And for very special requirements I know or can locate the appropriate experts: legal and tax advisers, financial, asset and personnel accountants, asset managers, marketing professionals, IT specialists and many others.

Targeted support in each and every stage and situation

Alone due to their evolutionary history, companies are subject to a certain dynamism. This is accentuated by rapid changes in the market. It is therefore all the more important to be flexible, quickly adapt to new situations and take action in good time with the required awareness and empathy. That much is certain: the path to success calls for flexibility, transparency and decisive action. This is the path I have been taking with clients from entirely different sectors for more than 20 years and will continue to do so in future. No matter which challenge is to be met: